How to Make a Website | A Simple Guide to Making Money Online


Me in Florianópolis, Brazil (Barra da Lagoa)

I have been traveling the world for 5 years starting basically out of my car. I started out making only about $20 a day. But with the value of the US Dollar I realized I could live in South America and live like a king because of the exchange rate.

I called my brother eeking-out a life in Brooklyn and we decided on Costa Rica and lived like kings while working our income up to $200/day for the both of us within months.

We constantly get asked how to do it and have made this website to share the most important things we know. This website is the best way of how I ‘think’ to do things. There may be a better way and there probably is so just leave it in the comments.


Simple Guide


Step 1How to Pick Your Domain Name

Step 2 – How to Setup Your Website

Step 3 – How to Structure a Website

Step 4 – What to Write About

Step 5 – How to Write Content

Step 6 – How Many Visitors is My Site Getting

Step 7 – How to Make Money Online


How to Look-up Other Website’s Keywords

How to Sell a Website Fast and get Full Price

How Much is my Website/Domain Worth

How to See How Many Links Your Website Has

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Google Algorithm Updates

Check Your Website’s SERP Rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo

How to Add Google Webmaster Tools to my Website?



Simple Guide – How to Make Money with AdSense

How to Sign-up for Google AdSense

How to Add Google AdSense Ads to my Website

Best Placements and Colors for AdSense Ads



How to Advertise my Website on Google AdWords?