Google AdWords Overview

Google AdWords is the advertising branch of Google. Most every advertisement you see on a website (or when searching) is a part of AdWords. Google earned $89.5 billion in 2016, with the vast majority contributed from AdWords. Advertisers bid on particular keywords to ensure that their ads will be displayed on Google’s search page or related websites. Google makes it’s money by charging the advertiser per click on an ad. Certain keywords have a different CPC (Cost Per Click) than others depending on various factors. You can sign-up if you have a website and begin advertising within 15 minutes after signing up.

Types of Advertisements

The most popular type of ads are the standard ones you see on a typical search as seen below;

In this example we used the term “New York Divorce Attorney”, a popular advertising keyword. As you may see, the ads for the keywords that were searched are displayed at the top of Google. The top ads have to pay the most and the respective “bidders” are placed further and further down the list. You can identify the ads by seeing the little “Ad” icon next to the URL.

How Much Does it Cost?

Google AdWords costs the advertiser as much as they would like to spend. It is not like a television or radio commercial where you spend a set price for a given set of time. With AdWords, you spend as much as you like by making a budget or setting a limit. And if you want to rank #1, it simply comes down to paying more than the next person.

  • How Do I Know How Much The Top Spot is?

You can use 2 tools to find this out;

  1. Google AdWord Planner – This tool is made by Google and allows you to see how much (estimate) the top spot is currently. (You must have a “Google AdWord” account to utilize this tool, click here for instructions on how to set up an account.) If you look at the picture below, you can see that to rank #1 for terms related to “New York Divorce Lawyer/Attorney”, you will be looking at around $30 to $40 per click. You read correctly, for 1 click.

Google AdWord Keyword Planner - New York Divorce Lawyer

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