How to Add Video and Images Using WordPress

Whatever the overall subject or genre that your website may promote, utilizing media of all types will most definitely be essential to you attracting the attention of users. There is little appeal in seeking out a site that exclusively uses text as a medium with no consideration of how a bare-bones display may deter the reader. One way to engage visitors, other than your selection of theme and general look of your site, is to add photos and video. And if you are a blogger, media displayed in each post can be just another reason to get your post shared. Videos can provide a more passive approach to engaging in your content, and a choice to read or simply view, and in this instant gratification online world we live in, it can make all the difference. Photos can bring an aesthetic appeal to draw the reader in and add length to the presentation of your post as a whole. Whether you are creating a new page or post, media can be introduced on the page in just a few steps that should take you no more than 5 minutes. Feel free to view the video or if you would rather take a look at the written step-by-step instructions, they are available to peruse just below.





Add Directly to Your Media Library

Depending on where and how you want to be inserting your media, there a few possibilities as to where you start. One way to do this is by uploading the bulk of the images you want before making changes to your pages and posts. You cand this by hovering over ‘Media’ in the side-panel menu and then selecting ‘Add New’.





To upload new media, click on the ‘Select Files’ button.





Once you have browsed and selected the videos and photos, they will now be available in your Media Library for use in your posts and pages.


Adding Media When Creating a Post or Page

Alternatively, you may want to add your photos, video, and audio right then and there when you write your post or create a new page for your website. The demonstration of this process will be shown within the construct of a new post, although the procedure will be identical to that of applying media to a new page. From your post edit page click on ‘Add Media’.





This will open the ‘Add Media’ window where you have several options for adding media to your post or page. To upload a new file, select the ‘Upload Files’ tab.





You can drag a file directly into the white space provided or click on the ‘Select Files’ button.





This will open up a box to browse for the image or video you would like to add to your media library. When you have made your selection, you can then click ‘Open’.





This will then begin the process of uploading the media file to your media library. Once the file is uploaded and selected, you can then make changes to available options within the box on the right side of the page.

  • URL – The web address for the selected image or video
  • Title – A title for your media file, should you want to display one
  • Caption – Accompanying caption of your image or video
  • Alt Text – A designated text to make your image or video more easily searchable on Google or Bing
  • Description – Accompanying description of your image or video
  • Alignment – Where your file will be positioned (left, right, centered)
  • Link to – Where the image will redirect to if clicked
  • Size – Adjust to your preference as to how big or small you would like your file to appear





Once you have made all modifications to your image or video, you can then click on the ‘Insert Into Post’ button.





This will input your selected media to be viewed on your page or post via the visual tab of your Add New Page/Post page.





Editing an Image After Inserting to Post or Page

If you would like to make any modifications to the file you have already inserted into your post, hover over the photo and click on the ‘Pencil Icon’ Edit button.





From there you can edit the image details or replace the image. When you have finished making changes, click on the ‘Update’ button.





Insert Media From URL

If you would rather add an image or video from the internet rather than a local file, you can click the ‘Add Media’ button followed by clicking on ‘Insert From URL’. You can then paste the URL address of the video or image you would like to include on your page or post. A preview of the media file should appear on the window. When you are done you can then click on ‘Insert Into Post’.




Adding a Photo Gallery

If you would like to include a photo gallery on your page or post there are many ways to do this. If you would like a responsive gallery that will change the display based on the device it is being viewed from or want a more advanced set of features, a safe bet is to install a plugin to help you achieve this (Click HERE for step by step instructions). If, however,  you simply want a gallery to display a handful of images for a blog post, using WordPress’s gallery function to do this can be a less time-consuming alternative. First, click on the ‘Add Media’ button followed by ‘Create Gallery’ within the side tabs.





This will present you with two options, upload additional files or select images from your Media Library. If you need to upload photos to your library first, you can click the ‘Upload Files’ tab, make your selections and move on to your Library. If the photos you want to include are already added to your library, click on the ‘Media Library’ tab.





Next, you can choose the photos you want to utilize in your gallery and then click on the ‘Create a New Gallery’ button.





From the Edit Gallery page, you can then make any desired adjustments to the presentation of your gallery. You have the option to link the gallery images to attachment page or specific URL, select the number of columns you would like as well as the size. When you have completed making your changes, click ‘Insert Gallery’.





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