How to Buy a Website on Flippa

First off, if you do not know what Flippa is, it can be described as the #1 website seller. It works like eBay where a user lists their website for sale and potential buyers bid on the website until the auction ends. Below, we are going to show you how to purchase a website on Flippa.

Verifying This Sample Listing

We are going to look at what seems to be a typical Adsense earning based website on How to verify the following information provided;

1 – Verifying Income

There is no full proof way to do this other than a technique I have come up with on my own.
Go to the Google AdPlanner and look at the bottom number that states the website’s impressions.

An even really good Adsense Ad will do around 10% CTR. So, if you get the maximum amount of impressions Google says this website is getting, which is around 10,000, divide by 10. You will get the maximum amount of clicks, which equals about 1,000.
Other than visitors from the USA, Adsense does not pay very much. You can expect anywhere from $0.03 on up. So let’s say the website here gets 1,000 clicks, at around $0.11/CPC is not that bad and believable for an international audience.

2 – Verifying Traffic

The easiest way can actually be found in one our other posts about how to find out a competitor’s traffic. All you need to do is go to Google AdPlanner and conduct a search of the website in question.

As you can see, Google is saying that this website gets at least 8,000 unique visitors per month, which backs up the owner’s case of 10,153 visitors.

Helpful Stats

SEMrush Keywords in Google


Don’t know if a website just got hit with a Google Algo update? This stat will tell you how many keywords the website is currently ranking. For a detailed analysis, go to and you can verify individual terms yourself.

Google Penguin Update

This is an update that Google came out with that knocked websites off the search results where webmasters were creating exact match links for themselves.
For Example – If you had a website named “” and decided to put a link on the website for terms that are highly searched, such as “Payday Loans”¬†and linked it to your site.
How to See if a Website has Been Linked Like This?
Go to the OpenSiteExplorer tool and look at the top links going to the website. The top anchor text links (as seen below) should not be for main commercial terms.

As an example, we used the site in this case study and there do not seem to be any linking issues.

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