How to Check My Backlinks

Knowing how many links a website has is probably the most telling information of how popular it is (Other than viewing how many hits it gets per day).To view backlinks in certain scenarios, we have made a list of the best ways below;

How to Check My Website’s Backlinks?

Go into your Google account’s Webmaster Tools. This will show you up-to-date link information about every website Google knows of that is linked to your website. (If you haven’t created a Google Webmasters account, click here for our guide on how to enroll.)

Once you have signed in, click on the site in which you would like to view the backlinks. (As you can see in the screenshot below, my one and only site linked to this Google Webmasters account is “”. This is the site I will be using for the examples in this guide.)


After selecting your website, you will arrive at your Google Webmasters “Dashboard”. To the left, you will see a sidebar containing various sections of Google Webmasters. If you click ‘Search Traffic‘, more options will appear, one of which being ‘Links to Your Site‘. Click that option to advance.

Now you will be able to view all the data related to the links to your site. As you can see, there is no data available for my website because of how new it is and the lack of content (if you have recently created your website, you may have a similar result) . As I build my website and increase my ranking with the major search engines, there will be more data to analyze. In the screenshot below, you may notice there are four sections:

  • Total links – The total number of backlinks to your site.
  • Who links the most – Which websites links to your site the most.
  • How your data is linked – The “anchor text” websites are using to link to your site.
  • Your most linked content – Out of all the content on your website, which content is linked the most.

How to Check Another Website’s Back-Links?

There are free websites that allow you to view the backlink data of other sites. I like to use the Open Site Explorer tool on a website called Once at the site, enter the domain of the website you would like to research, then click ‘Search‘.

You will then be able to view an array of backlink data that allows to get a better idea of how popular that site is. This can be useful when researching the competition.

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