How to Create a Social Menu Using WordPress

Integrating your social media profiles into your website is a great way to engage your audience in all that your online presence has to offer. Having social media icons on your page will allow you to reach more people on a consistent level and grow your brand. As long as your social networking is up to date and professional, presenting your visitors with links that corroborate your legitimacy while also providing more information, can only help your cause. Linking from social profiles to your website, as well as including links back to your profiles can help your ranking with Google as well. Not to mention, creating a social menu on your own website on WordPress is completely painless, quick and straightforward setup. Here is a video that can walk you through the process, accompanied by a written instruction guide to get you started.


Video Tutorial


Create a New Menu

From your WordPress Admin page dashboard, hover over Appearance in the side panel menu and click on ‘Menus’.



Click on ‘Create a New Menu’.



Within the ‘Menu Name’ box type your desired menu name for your social menu and then click on the ‘Create Menu’ button.



Link Your Social Media Accounts

Once you have created the new menu, you will want to add the links associated with your various social profiles. On the left side of the Menus Page click ‘Custom Links’.



Within the Custom Links box, you can enter you subsequent social media profile links one by one. Enter each profile URL and the corresponding name and then click on the ‘Add to Menu’ button after adding each one. For example, if you enter your Twitter Profile URL, you will then want to type ‘Twitter’ into the box labeled ‘Link Text’. This will signify to WordPress that it is a Twitter profile link and by default, it will be given a Twitter icon for your menu.



Once you have finished adding each of the social media profiles you wish to include in your menu, you can then click on the ‘Save Menu’ button.



Adjust Your Menu’s Location

You can change the location of where your menu will appear by making adjustments within the ‘Manage Locations’ tab. Simply click on the tab, and make any changes to the drop-down box designated to your social menu.



Make sure to save once you have made any modifications by clicking ‘Save Changes’.



Once you have completed building your menu, you can then go to your website to check your menu’s presentation as well as test your links to ensure they lead to the correct page.


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