How to Install WordPress on Your Website

When purchasing a new domain and a hosting plan for your new website there are many different providers to choose from. A good option I recommend to someone new to website creation is GoDaddy for its ease of use and one-stop shop capability. When you decide to use GoDaddy to purchase your domain you have the opportunity to purchase a hosting plan through cPanel right then and there. Its a relatively cheap option depending on your needs, and requires very little setup to get connected to WordPress and ready to begin building your site. The following guide will show exactly how to connect your website to WordPress in just over 5 minutes. You can view the video, or for a more detailed overview, check out the written guide just below.


Video Tutorial




Logging in and Navigating Your Domain and Hosting Accounts

Starting on the GoDaddy homepage, sign into your account by entering your login and password (or Facebook/Google+ Information). From there you can hover over your account number (or name) in the upper right corner of the page and click on My Products’.




On the GoDaddy, My Products Page under Web Hosting find the plan associated with the sit you wish to connect to WordPress and click the Manage’ button next to it.





From the Management Page, click on ‘cPanel Admin’.





Installing WordPress Using cPanel

Once you are on your cPanel Admin Dashboard, it is a possibility you have WordPress available for download under the Web Applications category. You can click on the WordPress icon from there or, alternatively scroll down to Software and click on the icon labeled Installation Applications Installer.





The Installer page will allow you to search available third-party applications for your website. In the search bar, you can input ‘WordPress’ and then click on the WordPress icon.





This will bring up the WordPress Application within the Applications Browser. From here you can click on the Install This Application’ button.





This will start the Installatron Installation Wizard that will guide you take you through the steps to creating a database and directories. You can scroll down to the settings portion of the wizard to make changes to your site name and tagline or keep it as is, you will get the chance to amend this when you begin your website customization with WordPress. When you have completed the wizard, simply click on the Install’ button located at the bottom of the page.




Completing the WordPress Setup on Your Site




Once WordPress is finished installing, you will then want to click on the link to your Admin. This will appear as: ‘’, with your website name within the link.





The first time you arrive at your Admin page, it will prompt you to begin the Quick Start Wizard. To do so, click on Start Wizard’.





Once in the settings segment of the wizard, you can input your website type and industry, and make any changes to your website title and tagline. Then click Continue’.





The next portion of the Wizard will require you to provide the contact information associated with your new website. Enter your email, phone number, fax number and address in the corresponding boxes and click the Continue’ button.





The last facet of the Quick Start Wizard will require you to select a theme for your website. You will be given a limited assortment of designs to initially assign to your website. This is not permanent, and you will be able to search a wider variety of themes once you have finished your initial setup. Click on a theme you wish to use.





From the chosen theme, you can then click on the Select’ button to install a theme.





After your theme finishes loading, the WordPress installation will be complete and available to customize to your needs.



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