How to Make Money With a Website – Example

Part 1 – I Came Up With an Idea

I was looking up my corporation in the State of Florida one day and I came across this page that was ranked #3 when I typed in Florida Corporation Search. It has the appearance of a Secretary of State website, but it isn’t. It looked official and even contained a little logo in the upper left hand corner of the page (As seen below).

You can see that there is minimal content on the page. After checking a few other pages, I soon realized that the webmaster was just switching up the State names in the paragraph and leaving all the same content. He had one link on the page that did in fact put you right where you needed to be if you wanted to make a corporation search in Florida. This website was more of a directory than anything, but why was it ranking so highly and how many visitors was the site receiving.

Part 2 – Checking How Many Visitors

You will need to go to your Google AdPlanner. Just type in the name in the first box and you will get the results for this domain.

These numbers are based on one month and you can see that they get approximately 2,500 visitors per day! This is huge, I was working on another website and was pretty much going to drop everything I was doing if the searches came back good and if we could get an exact match domain name. (An exact match domain means we will try to get a name that is exactly what the searcher is typing into Google.)

Part 3 – Checking Keywords

How is this person ranking on Google? Sure I typed in the words “Corporation Search”, but are there other keywords that are better that he/she could be ranking for? For this, you must use the tools provided by to get a full report on the website’s keywords. Below is what we saw.

As you can see above, all the main keywords the site ranks for include “Secretary of State”. Not to mention, the cost per click ranges anywhere from $0.25 to $10.00. I knew I had to start out smaller, as his keywords are very hard to rank for. So I decided I had to set my sights on just ranking for the keywords for “entity”-like searches and use the keywords “Secretary of State” as well with the hopes of ranking like this guy in a year or so.

Now we will use the “Keyword Tool” of Google AdWords in the hopes of figuring how we will be architecturally building this thing.

The 3 Main Keywords

This is when I dropped everything I was doing. ONLY 3 MAIN KEYWORDS, HIGH CPC, and LOW COMPETITION!

Part 4 – Buying The Domain

Now we were off to try and snag the domain “business search“. There were none available, so we looked up the owners of all of them on and e-mailed them. Next, we went on Sedo and found 2 that were available, “” and ““. The one with the dash (-) was only $250 and the one with 3 straight S’s was for thousands. We decided to purchase the one with the dash and try to build as quickly as possible.

Part 5 – Site Architecture

This is really what it is all about my friends, how people do this is the make or break of a site. We all, for the most part, have the same content, but it really comes down to how you structurally build the site. So, below is a model of how we were going to build ours by simply having the keywords with higher traffic be higher in the pyramid.

We mapped out the site to have 2 articles under a category. This gives you the added benefit of having a category and naming it for an additional keyword. Even though the posts will be under it, it’s like having an extra set of webpages without having to create them. This really benefited us because there were 3 main keywords we wanted to rank for and and this enabled us to do so.

We put up 100 articles under 50 categories, giving us a total of 150 ranking pages.
On April 12, 2013, the site was launched and crawl-able. It was now time to see how this thing would rank.

Part 6 – Watch in Google Analytics

Analytics allows you to track your site’s visitors. We are profiting higher than expected with the ads on the site and we will continually update the traffic as it goes. As far as search engine optimization goes, we have not created a single link and do not plan on it. We made it up to as high as 960 visitors per day in August until an Update hit us, but I can’t complain about getting 400 visitors on average per day for 2 weeks of work.

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