How to Create a Google AdSense Account

When planning to monetize your blog or website there are many considerations to take into account, one being which ad network to utilize. There are more than a few ad providers out there, but none can stand up to the recognition or ease of use of Google AdSense. It is uncomplicated from initial sign up to customization of ads for optimal efficiency and the availability of such extensive forum networks provides answers to any questions that may arise. Google AdSense also incorporates the use of effectiveness evaluation tools at your disposal to get the most out of your experience, all free of cost. Take a look at the instructional video to begin signing up now, or look below at the written step-by-step guide.



Go to the Google Adsense Signup Page and click the ‘Sign Up Now’ Button.





Enter Your URL and Email Address

Enter the URL or of the web address of your website. This obviously must be a website that you retain ownership to if you wish to use it with Adsense. You can include ‘www.’ before the actual URL but it is not required. Make sure you put the address of the website and not a directory or page as it will not be accepted by Google. In the second section, simply indicate the email address you would like to associate with the account. The third portion of this step asks that you chose whether or not to receive “customized help and performance suggestions from Adsense. Any emails you get from this selection will be for potential changes to settings within your account that could bring in more revenue from ads, but will not bury you in junk mail.





Select Your Country

You will want to select the location for which you will be providing your address. Click the arrow on the right of the drop-down menu and scroll, or simply click on ‘Select’ and enter the first few letters of your country or territory on your keyboard and arrow down until you find the correct one.





Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions

Next, You will be asked to read and agree to the terms and conditions related to joining the service. Just review the terms of your own standards and click the box at the bottom of the agreement, next to ‘Yes, I have read and accepted the agreement’. Then you can Click the ‘Create Account’ button at the bottom of the page.





When you get to the home screen on your initial visit you will receive a walkthrough of the remainder of the information you will need to provide. Click on the ‘Get Started’ Button to proceed.




Enter Your Payment Address Details

Enter you’re your address information under ‘Payment Address Details’. This includes the selection of your account type, as well as the input of your name, address, and current phone number. Keep in mind that this phone number will be required to receive a voice call or text for verification in the next step.





Verify Your Phone Number

To verify the phone you provided is an existing line and that it belongs to you, they require a quick authentication either by text or voice call. With the text option, a code will be sent by text to your phone, while the voice option will render a code, read to you via an automated phone call. Pick your desired form of delivery by clicking the circle next to your choice and click the ‘Get Verification Code’ button.





After you are given the code, type it into space labeled ‘Verification Code’.





Then, simply click the ‘Submit’ button.





Connect Your Website to AdSense

The next step is to connect Adsense to your website. The prompt will instruct you to copy and paste between the <head> and <head/> tags within your site’s source code, but as you will be using WordPress, this step will be modified as follows:

First, copy the provided code by clicking on ‘Copy Code’ just under the box.





Then, go to your WordPress Admin Page for your website. Under your left sidebar select ‘Appearance’, followed by ‘Widgets’, in the subcategories.





On the Widgets page, Click on the ‘Custom HTML’ Button. This will open a drop-down menu for you to make a selection as to where you desire the ad’s placement on your page. Once you have chosen a location, a separate box will appear to edit the title and details of your modification.





First, type in “Ad:” ‘Title’ section. Since the Adsense code has already been copied to your clipboard, you can now paste it into the box labeled ‘Content:’.





When you have completed both boxes you can now click on the ‘Save’ button.





Make sure when you have finished saving, that you click on the ‘Done’ button to the left to ensure proper finalization of the enhancement to your website.





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