How to Use the Google Adword Keyword Tool – SEO Tool

This is a simple guide into using the Google AdWord Keyword Tool, which is an application that allows a user to see exactly how many times a term is being entered on a monthly basis. You can also see when the terms are being used throughout the year.

Step 1 – Go to and setup an Adwords account. Do not worry, it is free but you have to sign up in order to use.

Step 2 – When inside, you will want to click on the pulldown “Tools and Analysis” and you will see the Keyword Tool in there. Give it a click to begin.

Step 3 – Type in the search terms on the left hand side of the page. You may have to minimize ‘Saved Ideas‘ by Clicking the minus (-) sign to get to the main 3 options which are:

Broad – This shows you how many times total the word is typed into Google Search. This means all the times it is searched including when searched with other keywords.

Exact – Sounds as it is, the number of times a term is typed in exactly.

Phrase – Not important, do not use.

***All search results show how many times the keywords are typed in PER MONTH.

Step 4 – This tiny checkbox below the search bar allows the user to choose if all you want to see is directly related terms to what you are researching. I use this all the time.

Step 5 – Want to know how much a term is being typed in throughout the year? Like a lot of people who have seasonal businesses, they are only making money during certain times of the year. For example, I almost bought a tax related website until I saw how many times the terms are searched throughout the year (wasn’t much), but in April the numbers were mind-blowing.

Step 6 – Now I will describe the columns below:

Competition – How many people are trying to rank for a particular term. There are only 3 levels; Low, Medium, and High.

Global Monthly Searches – How many times it is searched per month in the World.

Local Monthly Search – How many times the term is typed in the USA.

Approximate CPC Search – How much an advertiser would have to pay to be on the top 3 ads on Google Search. This is a great variable to use when selecting a niche to enter, ideally, you would like to get into a low competition and high CPC which is the webmaster’s dream when using this tool.

How to Use and Make Money
Remember, the .com, .net, and .org extensions mean the same to Google. So, in your head you should be treating them equal (Don’t get hung up absolutely having the .com, I used to have this syndrome and all it will do is cost you money).
Also, 1 dash is fine! I have noticed more than 1 can get spammy looking, but I promise 1 dash or hyphen has never hurt any of my sites.
Contacting Domain Owners – Typically you will want to go into the whois database. They have all the owners for every domain name out there, if you can’t find the owner, check Sedo to see if it is for sale there.
Use this tool to Build Your Site – Use this tool to map out your site and think of how you will be making your categories. Everyone has their own theory on how the site should be setup, but make sure you have the major search terms in your niche in the biggest categories.


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