Plug-ins and Widgets

Plug-ins and Widgets – A plugin is software that can be installed to your WordPress website. This software enables you to add certain features to your website without writing a single line of code, which increases the simplicity for the average user. WordPress offers 1000’s of free plugins that do an array of different functions (There are also premium plugins that are available for a fee).

Widgets are designed to add functions and content specific to sidebars. Themes often come with certain widgetized areas. Some people have trouble identifying the difference between plugins and widgets. Plugins can contain widgets. There is pretty much a plugin for any type of function you can think of, where widgets are strictly related to side menus.


Click ‘Plugins‘ located on the left side menu of your WordPress dashboard.


Once you have arrived at the “Plugins” page, you will see a list of your existing plugins that you have downloaded or that came with the theme that you installed. The title of the plugin and a brief description of it’s function will be displayed below. You can search through your catalog by entering the desired plugin in the space provided. “Activate” or “Deactivate” a theme by clicking on the corresponding options below the title of the theme. Click ‘Delete‘ to remove a plugin from your list. You can activate/deactivate, update, or delete multiple plugins by checking the box next to the desired plugins, clicking ‘Bulk Actions‘, selecting the action, then clicking ‘Apply‘. To begin the process of adding a new plugin, click ‘Add New‘.

Plugins Menu

Once you have arrived at the “Add Plugins” page, you will see that there are various ways to search for useful plugins. If you click ‘Upload Plugin‘ towards the top of the page, you will be able to upload any plugin that you may have downloaded to your computer in .zip format. Just below, you will see several “Featured” plugins displayed. You have the option of browsing plugins in other categories such as “Popular”, “Recommended”, and “Favorites”. To the right is a space provided to search for a plugin by entering the keyword, author, or tag. Below is a section called “Popular tags”, you can click any of the various tags to browse the plugins related to that tag. Click on the title of a plugin(or ‘More Details‘) to view more details about the plugin, if you find the plugin useful, click ‘Install Now‘ to download the plugin.

Add Plugins

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