How to Signup For Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools is a part of Google that allows owners/managers of websites to view information such as impressions, if there is malware (site is hacked), how many pages Google knows about on your website (known as a Sitemap), and any notifications by Google.

How to Signup

Step 1 – Go to the Google Webmaster Tools Homepage and click ‘Sign In‘.

Google Webmasters Homepage

Step 2 – Enter the email and password associated with your Google account, then click ‘Next‘ to proceed.

Google Webmasters Sign In

Step 3 – You will then arrive at your “Search Console” page. There will be a space provided for you to enter the URL of your website, enter it, then click ‘ADD A PROPERTY‘.

Google Webmasters - Search Console

Step 4 – Next, you must verify your ownership of the website. Under “Recommended method”, click the tab to view all the different hosting services. Select the hosting service that your website is running on, then click ‘Verify‘. If you click ‘Alternate methods‘, you will be able to verify your ownership through “HTML file upload”, “HTML tag”, “Google Analytics”, and “Google Tag Manager”. Select your desired method, then click ‘Verify‘. Since one of this website’s main focuses is hosting with GoDaddy, I am going to show only that method.

Google Webmasters - Domain Name Provider:Alternate Methods

Step 5 – Log into your GoDaddy account by entering your “Username or Customer #”, as well as your “Password” in the available spaces below. Once all required information has been entered, click ‘Secure Login‘.

Google Webmasters - Verify Through GoDaddy

Step 6 – After entering your credentials, Google will request permission to make changes to your DNS(Domain Name System). This is necessary to utilize Google Webmaster. Click ‘Accept‘ to commence the “Domain Verification”. Verifying should only take about a minute or so. Once the verification steps are completed, click ‘Continue‘ to finish adding your property.

Google Webmasters - Confirming

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