Top 3 Google PR Checkers – SEO Tool

Everyone wants to check their Google “PR”(PageRank). Why? Because it gives the webmaster a sign of how many links are being driven into his or her website. As you may know, it takes 10 times longer to get from one level to the next. Below is a Chart on how this all works;

#1 Google PR Ranker –

Unless you have a real problem with a re-Captcha, you will have no problem using this online tool. Allows a user to check a website’s PR rank by just typing in the URL and filling in the code. The number (between 1-10) will appear.

#2 – Visit Site

Easier re-Captcha than the #1 rated, but it is still a good site that allows you to check the ranking easily.

#3 – Visit Site

Simple, same as #1 and #2, easy re-Captcha request and just type in the domain.


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