Top 5 Best Alternatives to Google Adsense

Did your Adsense just get banned and you are currently freaking out? Don’t worry mon’, we got you covered! I got mine banned as well and had it back up in one (1) week.

1 – Get Another Adsense Account – You’re probably saying, “I am banned you idiot!”, but you can re-apply by entering a different entity name (or creating a corporation/LLC). It will need to have it’s own bank account and you will need to be a legal business by applying for an EIN Number.
Usually when opening a business bank account, the applicant will need 2 things; Articles of Incorporation (Proves the Business Exists) and the IRS Certification with the EIN Number.

Usually there is 1 website that will be flagged and get the ultimate ban, so you want to figure which site was flagged to save the others that can get the Adsense back. Although, your flagged site will be toast and will have to find the best solution below;

2 – (Bing and Yahoo Contextual Network) – Bing and Yahoo have joined forces to try and compete. It will take you about a week or 2 to find the right ads that will benefit your site and many have claimed better CPCalthough much less CTR (Click Through Rate). It is easy to sign-up (Takes up to 1 week) and they will send you an e-mail to invite you to their services. You may even call them to figure out exactly what ads would fit best on your pages. And you get the power of Bing and Yahoo advertisers all in one!

3 – InfoLinks – I did not know about these guys until after my ban, but you can have them be on your pages with Adsense and All you have to do is sign-up (which takes about 24 hours) and they will provide you with the codes to put on your site. This will turn some of the text on your pages into links to related advertisers.

4 – Commission Junction – Largest list of Affiliates on the Net. If you are talking about any sort of products, chances are using an Affiliate is a good way to generate money. Typically, using advertising networks is better than Affiliates, but everyone’s website is different.

5 – Amazon Affiliates – If you just want Amazon to cover all your affiliate needs, this is not bad either. I personally have had zero luck with this type of monetization, so I can’t recommend #4 and #5 whole heartedly. But if you have something that works with this model, try it out!

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