What Do I Write About When Making a Website

After you have selected the topic you want to write about, you are going to want to decide on how to get traffic to your website. When you write, making the page titles and descriptions altered to what users are searching may help you rank much better than if you make your titles without doing your research. What we will show you below is how to make your website and also generate extra traffic.

Example 1

If you have selected to make a website about “fishing in florida”, you would enter the keywords into SEMrush or Google’s Keyword Planner. For this example, we will use SEMrush (This link specifically shows you keywords).

SEMrush - Fishing in Florida Search

In addition to writing about fishing topics you can see that users are searching for Florida;

  • fishing licenses
  • fishing regulations
  • fishing reports
  • deep sea fishing

Therefore, on your site, you should include articles about these topics in order to gain traffic. The column on the right in the dark shaded grey is the ‘Volume“, which is represented as how many exact times the keyword is getting searched per month. The next column is what is known as Cost per Click (CPC), which is what an advertiser on AdWords would expect to pay for one (1) click.

Example 2

Let’s say you want to make a website about “Miami real estate”. Maybe you are opening an office for selling condos and you want to get extra traffic. Again, you type in “miami real estate” into SEMrush (See This Link) and you will get the following;

SEMrush - Miami Real Estate Search

As you can see, it would be a benefit to have articles on your site with the following;

  • Miami Commercial Real Estate
  • Miami Luxury Real Estate
  • Miami Real Estate News
  • Miami Real Estate Schools

You can also go a bit further and use synonyms of real estate and lookup keywords such as homes, condominiums (condo’s), and apartments, as well as sub-lets. You could have links to other websites on how to search for real estate that you may not have. All this will help not only the user but your rankings as Google will see people are engaged in your website and go on more than one page.

If you have users that do not spend a lot of time on your site, you will have a high bounce rate. A bounce rate is a number used to identify the percentage (%) of users who go to your site and leave immediately.

Real-Life Example

I purchased the domain name billofsale.net in early 2014 with the idea of making a site with free forms for people. I would do it State-by-State, as there are times you can only use a particular state form. So when I did my search I found the following:

SEMrush - Bill of Sale Search

As you can see, there are many synonyms but for the most part I added the following forms;

  • Vehicle
  • Firearm
  • Texas (As stated previously, I made one category for every State)
  • Boat

So I decided that the best route was to have a vehicle, boat, and a firearm bill of sale for every State (at the very least!) The image below illustrates the basic structure of the site.

BillOfSale.net - Site Structure

Now the site is ranking nicely, as when someone is searching for a bill of sale, they have the option of at least 3 forms on the page. With today’s competition, having a good domain name and just having one article is not good enough to be #1 on Google. 6 months after starting the site, it reached 500 visitors per day and is growing every month in the SERP’s.

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